Monstraat - Scythe & Sceptre (LP Ltd.)

I lager.

199 kr


01. Intro (Scythe)

02. Black Soils Rise

03. Walls of Sin

04. Angel Harvest

05. Of God

06. Into Tomb Cold

07. Luziferion

08. Likmaskvalsen

09. Outro (Sceptre)

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS are proud to present MONSTRAAT's cult second album,

Scythe & Sceptre, on vinyl LP format. Originally released in 2017 as a limited-edition CD,

Scythe & Sceptre furthered the filth this duo's been quietly crafting for two decades now,

albeit at an ever-so-patient pace. Nevertheless, the shit-storm MONSTRAAT unleash here

is total RAW WAR: black metal sprung from the dingiest, dankest sewers and spit forth

with absolute disgust and general unsafety for their very lives. Imagine Darkthrone's

Panzerfaust made even uglier & creepier and you'll have some idea of the onslaught

you're about to witness. MONSTRAAT offer you their Scythe & up and



-Black vinyl limited to 300 copies

-Comes with insert