Maligner - Attraction to Annihilation (LP Ltd.)

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01. Oath-Bound

02. Lust For Fire

03. Disposable

04. Salvation

05. Reign Of Fear

06. Beyond Repair

07. Mental Breakdown

08. Into Oblivion

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MALIGNER's highly anticipated

debut album, Attraction to Annihilation, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

One of the most promising hordes we’ve come across in some time, MALIGNER are a

deathrashing power-trio hailing from the label's hometown of Malmö, Sweden. To date,

MALIGNER have a two-song digital promo released during the autumn of 2016 and then,

a few months later, the five-song Demon EP was released on cassette tape and digital

formats. Bolstered by the attention afforded Demon, the trio truly come into their own on

Attraction to Annihilation.

For a debut album, Attraction to Annihilation is as fully formed as they come. MALIGNER

may be only entering their third year of existence, but the attention to craft and class

across this eight-song firestorm is seriously the work of veterans - but, of course, ones

not yet complacent with their ideas and especially execution. Right from the very first

notes of opener "Oath-bound," MALIGNER explode with a dazzling array of fleet-footed

'n' finessed death metal in a most late '80s mold, back when actual songwriting mattered

most and bands like Death, Sadus, and Dark Angel ruled the underground. Indeed, even

nomenclature like "deathrash" didn't really exist; it was simply all METAL, just darker and

more deathly than what the aboveground was proffering. But, MALIGNER are no mere

retro retread: their compositional prowess is in a league of its own, and their attention to

the finer details of aggression bespeaks a maturity that thankfully isn't neutering. In fact,

the longer this 31-minute maelstrom rolls on, the more dizzying it becomes, possessing

both body and spirit in a grand celebration of destruction and death.

Try as you may, there's just no denying MALIGNER's Attraction to Annihilation!


-Black vinyl limited to 500 copies

-Comes with insert and OBI


-Comes in jewelcase, limited to 500 copies.