Cynabare Urne - Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls (LP Ltd.)

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Formed in 2014, CYNABARE URNE are a power-trio hailing from Finland. Despite being a

new formation, the members of CYNABARE URNE possess a wealth of experience in the

metal underground, across a wide variety of extreme styles, and with that experience

dating back to even the mid ‘90s. The band made their recorded debut in the summer of

2016 with the two-song Fire the Torches EP, which HELTER SKELTER released on 10”

vinyl and cassette tape formats later that year. A short but no-less-auspicious debut, the

EP was aptly titled, displaying a sulfurous sort of death metal that was indeed fiery in

intent and execution. In early 2018, CYNABARE URNE kept that momentum going with a

four-song EP, In the Cremation Ground, which HELTER SKELTER released across a

variety of formats over that year. Darker and deadlier, In the Cremation Ground put the

band’s name on the international metal map, heightening anticipation for the inevitable


At last, it is here, bearing the ominous title Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls. Much

like debut albums should, Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls encapsulates CYNABARE

URNE’s past whilst pointing the way for their future, displaying the band’s best qualities

and, in turn, revealing new (and darker, deadlier) truths. Right from the opening notes,

the album exudes that miles-wide sense of space the band created early on...and then

they proceed to CRUSH the listener with malevolent Metal of Death steeped in the

ancients and with a miasmic sense of melody. Moving at many speeds, mesmerizing at

every one, always flowing and always filthily, CYNABARE URNE’s attack is neither strictly

old-school nor new-school; stylistic nods span Sadistic Intent to Necros Christos, classic

Grave to recent Dead Congregation, early Vader to later Repugnant, and plenty of other

points in between. In a word: timeless. Thusly armed, the trio exhibit a masterful grasp

of songcraft, imbuing their ever-twisting creations with dynamics and nuance as

bountifully as they do genuine evil and menace. Likewise, the ever-pervasive sense of

ritualism elevates these 10 tracks to more than just “death metal songs,” like shadowy

transmissions from the beyond made flesh and then harnessed with no small amount of

magick. Even the production itself, both palpably physical and eerily atmospheric,

becomes a ghastly, gestating-ichorously thing, wrapping its Lovecraftian tendrils around

the listener and never letting go... Darkness. Doom. DEATH.

Graced with suitably horrific cover artwork courtesy of Ville Salonen, CYNABARE URNE’s

Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls is bound to be THE death metal debut album of

the year!

-2 page insert

-Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.