Infernarium - Kadotuksen Harmonia (LP Ltd.)

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01. Heikkoutensa Orja

02. Herra Kädelläsi

03. Amen Armageddon

04. Huorien ja Rottien Seurakunta

05. Liekkien Ruhtinas

06. Luvattu Profeetta

07. Kadotuksen Harmonia

08. Isä, Poika, Pedofiili

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud

to present INFERNARIUM's highly anticipated debut album, Kadotuksen Harmonia, on CD

and 12" vinyl formats.

As presaged by 2016's Pimeän Hohto debut EP, which was reissued on CD and 12" vinyl

formats in 2018 by HELTER SKELTER, INFERNARIUM's full-length Kadotuksen Harmonia

is an icy yet burning-hot blast of second-wave black metal classicism. Hailing from the

black metal hotbed of Finland, INFERNARIM indeed exhibit many of their homeland's

foremost traits - filthy texture, dungeon-bred dynamics, intensity that's equally fiery and

freezing cold - but the power-trio uniquely underpin proceedings with a tangible sense of

gloom as well as tasteful colorings of mystical synth. As a debut album, Kadotuksen

Harmonia is a powerful, profound statement, exhibiting a mature sense of depth despite

utilizing the most traditional of tools. Black metal is a rich language, after all, and already

INFERNARIUM are quite adept speakers.

With Kadotuksen Harmonia will INFERNARIUM hereby soon be included among such

esteemed names as Sargeist, Horna, Behexen, and Baptism!


-Black vinyl, limited to 300 copies

-Comes with inlay


-Comes in jewelcase, limited to 500 copies.