Förbokning: Mephistofeles - I’M HEROIN (LP Ltd.)

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Preliminärt releasedatum: 30-06-2021.


01. Transylvanian Funeral

02. The Rogue

03. White Butterfly

04. Trash Lord

05. Heroin

06. Addicted to Satan

07. Into the Night

One of the cultest names in the underground, MEPHISTOFELES hail from Argentina and

have prolifically perfected a literally addicting blend of garage rock, stoner doom, and

ritual atmosphere that truly puts the SATANIC in Satanic panic! From 2013 onward, this

power-trio have been pumping out one sonic drug after another, from singles and demos

to EPs and even live albums, all culminating in three full-lengths to date. And now,

longtime fans HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS will be reissuing parts of

MEPHISTOFELES' back catalog as well as some new recordings.

The first of these reissues, I'm Heroin was originally released in 2017 but in extremely

limited quantities. MEPHISTOFELES have always had a knack for compelling(ly lurid)

record titles, and I'm Heroin is no exception: both phonetically and visually in its original

incarnation of ( ( ( I ' M H E R O I N ) ) ), it conveys the sense of delirium and madness

written large across the grooves of this nearly 47-minute work. Indeed, MEPHISTOFELES'

second long-player goes all in on getting gone – hypnotic yet loose, jammy yet locked-in,

devilishly drugged-out and above all FUN in its freedom. Minutes turn into hours, hours

turn into days, days turn into weeks, ad infinitum...being stuck inside I'm Heroin is like

being stuck inside a jellied coma you never wanna come out of!


-Gatefold LP on black vinyl

-Includes a poster.