Black Mass Pervertor - Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh (Mini-LP 12" Ltd)

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Hailing from the infinitely fertile Finnish black metal underground, BLACK MASS

PERVERTOR is one of that scene's best-kept secrets. Although their discography is sparse

so far, the band's history stretches back to 1998; some demo recordings were circulated

privately during the mid-2000s until their first public release, the One-Way Pleasure EP,

saw release in 2007. Back then, the BLACK MASS PERVERTOR sound was crude and

grinding; it was their long-awaited debut album, 2016's Phanerosis, where their aesthetic

started to shape into being. That recording certainly retain some crudity from the early

days, but saw the trio shape their filth into a finely honed war-machine.

Now, with the successive Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh, filth and finesse reach a fever

pitch. Bowing reverentially to their oft-overlooked forebears Belial, Barathrum, and

especially early Impaled Nazarene whilst nodding to the early-Noughts work of Horna,

Sargeist, and Behexen, BLACK MASS PERVERTOR create a veritable time-machine

tornado of Finnish black metal history. Across seven deceptively catchy mini-anthems in

a compact 20 minutes do the power-trio work their black magick, whipping forth a fury

that nevertheless manages to evoke an atmosphere most sulfurous; indeed, not for

nothing is a track like "Unorthodox Methods of Magick" titled the way it is. And yet,

there's simultaneously a sense of Satanic glee here - you could call it "fun" - that

fortunately manages to sidestep the cornier connotations of such a word.

Want to find Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh? Then let BLACK MASS PERVERTOR strip you


-Black vinyl, limited to 250 copies.