Allegiance - Complete Album Anthology (3LP Ltd. Box)

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HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (marketed and distributed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present the long-overdue reissue of ALLEGIANCE's classic debut albums, in the shape of a luxurious LP boxset limited to 300 copies and remastered by Devo Andersson at Endarker Studios. ALLEGIANCE hailed from Sweden, and formed in that fateful year of 1989. In the band's earliest days, they performed more straightforward trash/death metal of the day; by their fourth demo, 1993's Odin äge er alle, they'd begin to blacken their sound and also shift the lyrical focus toward more pagan matters. The Hövfdingadrapa demo a year later

solidified this shift, and its three songs would be re-recorded for the band's debut album, Hymn till hangagud, released was originally released back in 1996. From there, ALLEGIANCE would go on to release two more albums, 1997's Blodörnsoffer and 1999's Vrede, both of which made the Swedes a cult band, if not one often sorely overlooked. Nevertheless, ALLEGIANCE possessed a trio of powerful albums that married the muscle of death metal with the bite of black metal, but crucially maintained a devoutly pagan aspect. We can simply revel in the band's bulletproof catalog and celebrate them for being cool, Viking-oriented contemporaries of Dissection, Necrophobic, Sacramentum, and Sweden's Dawn - indeed, seepia-toned nostalgia for the mid/late '90s. While many knew ALLEGIANCE as the "other band" of Marduk drummer Fredrik

Andersson and bass player Bogge Svensson during their most pivotal period, we sincerely hope that, 20 years after the band's final recording, they'll be rediscovered by new generations hungry for the ultimate truth in the history of the '90s black/death underground.

3xLP Box:

-Black 140g vinyl limited to 200 copies.

-Hotfoil stamped covers for each LP.

-A 24 page Allegiance fanzine, feat an in depth interview, lots of rare unpublished photos and more.

-A2 size poster.

-3 stickers.


Pär Thornell – Guitars, Vocals

Mikael Almgren – Bass

Ulf Dalegren - Guitars