Amon Acid - Paradigm Shift (CD Ltd.)

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Hailing from Leeds, UK, AMON ACID formed in 2018 to make psychedelic doom metal. It

started as a bit of fun between two people, jamming at home, but after self-releasing

their first EP, which received a positive response, it became a serious mission. Indeed,

the core duo of Sarantis (originally from Athens) and Briony (from UK) are serious, and

one listen to their debut album, Paradigm Shift, is enough to convert unbelievers into

fanatics, so hypnotically addicting is their sonic drug.

However, to merely call AMON ACID "psychedelic doom metal" is a misnomer, for the

duo's interests and ethnic backgrounds bring together a swirling soup of unique

sensibilities. Across Paradigm Shift, one can hear trace elements of space rock, doom,

psych, rebetiko, and Anatolian music as well as their love of horror and science-fiction. In

this way, they fuse together a world of sounds which is consistent and unpredictable at

the same time. And, unlike so many doomers past and present, AMON ACID acutely

know when to lay off the heaviness – the "pedal to the metal," as it were – and allow the

listener to float along to their eerily ethereal textures. Thus, Paradigm Shift is likely to

draw in fans of Spiritualized, Acid Mothers Temple, and old Skullflower as surely as those

of the paradigmatic Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre.

And AMON ACID are just getting started: their forthcoming material is reportedly heading

in a heavier direction, with a clearer doom/stoner influence without betraying their broad

psychedelic roots. In the meantime, drop out to their Paradigm Shift!


-Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl.

-Jewelcase limited to 500 copies.