Lifvsleda - Det Besegrade Lifvet (CD Ltd.)

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01. I Fjärran Jord Begrafvd

02. Det Besegrade Lifvet

03. Intet

04. Afvgrundsande

05. Bortgång

06. Fjättrad

07. Nedstigning

08. Vederkvickelse

09. Landet Bortom Skogen

Lo and behold, Det Besegrade Lifvet – the debut full-length by LIFVSLEDA, and follow-up

to the highly acclaimed Manifest MMXIX EP that hit the underground last year with its

furious and rotten old-school black metal – is set to be released on the 11th of

September by SHADOW RECORDS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS).

Keeping consistent with the strident foundation laid forth by their debut EP, LIFVSLEDA’s

Det Besegrade Lifvet features nine tracks of wild, raw, and absolutely brilliant black

metal in the vein of the early Nordic scene. Once again partly recorded out in the woods,

in uttermost isolation, during the ongoing plague, you can truly feel the atmosphere of

this album, and the stench of something old and rotten that has been dug up and

resurrected. And despite it being the band's debut album, Det Besegrade Lifvet evinces

an ancient wisdom, an archaic splendor wrought from turbulence and times of conflict –

days when Black Metal didn’t mean just posting photos of one’s shiny, new record

collection on social media. No, the members behind LIFVSLEDA have been involved in the

real black metal scene, in one way or another and in various constellations, since its

glorious beginning. Who they specifically are matters not; all that does and all that is real

is the ripped ‘n’ ripping righteousness of Det Besegrade Lifvet

The album shall be released by SHADOW RECORDS under exclusive license from the

LIFVSLEDA horde on noble gatefold vinyl and compact disc, as well as a strictly limited

cassette, all packed and presented in a way to glorify the art in its most supreme way. It

will also be streaming on your favorite digital platform, distributed and marketed by


Let it be spread as a pestilence over the barren earth, and remember: don’t blame the

rats for spreading the Black Death!

-Gatefold digipak with inner sleeve and 4 page booklet.

-Limited to 1000 copies.